Driving Long Distances with a Telemetry Box

If you’re driving from one part of the UK to another or over a long distance you might want to consider the implications of a telemetry box on the driving that you do. For instance we recently drove from Cornwall to Dover which is around a 5 hour drive. We looked at some cheap hotels in Dover and found one for our stay overnight. Then went on the ferry across to France. But when you do make such long journeys there are several things you need to consider. The first is that you absolutely need to stop somewhere overnight, especially if you are driving for an extended period of time and you get tired. In our case we set off early afternoon and arrived in Dover by 6pm. Knowing that there were restrictions on our black box about driving in the evening, and that long driving made us irritable we decided it would make sense to stay overnight. This sort of planning is essential to keep your points down and ensure a good discount with whoever you go with for the Telemetry black box system. We use Ingenie of course. Who we think are the best.

Dover was lovely and worth the visit overnight, but we found staying over ensured we didn’t get tempted to speed or start to make mistakes after long driving times. So when you plan a holiday and travel be sure to do similar by booking in overnight.

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Why Avail An Ingenie Box For Your Car?

Driving is an art and has to be mastered with time. There are a number of young drivers who need a feedback regarding how they are performing on the streets. When the Ingenie box is installed in the car, it can provide a lot of advantages. It helps to monitor the safety of the driving and provides marks to the driver according to his skills of driving. From time to time, he can check out the scores on the phone or through emails.

When you avail the device, you will have Ingenie phone number to get set up with a box, you have someone to keep an eye on how you drive all the time. Apart from it, it will provide you with the right kind of advice regarding how to keep down the costs and insurance prices and help you to make a lot of saving.

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Here are certain advantages that you will get when you avail the Ingenie box for your car.

    • Monitoring Of Your Skills: The box will be placed in the car in such a way that you will not be able to see it when you are driving. But, the box will be able to monitor your actions and keep an eye on the braking, acceleration, cornering and other driving skills. After observing this for a considerable time of about 40 miles, you will get the report. There will be markings on all the areas, and you will be provided with feedback regarding what to do to improve your skills. These are essential for the young drivers and keep them informed about what to do to improve the skills.
    • Regular Reports: The reports are generated after around ten days, which means that you are getting the results thrice in a month. So, you are free to install the useful device and get the regular updates, which will be effective in improving the skills.
    • Driving Messages: The messages that you get while driving enables you to improve the skills, and you will get the perfect guide when it comes to critical talents on the streets. Learning is a process, and when you have something to assess your skills all the time, there is no reason for which you will not be able to grow into a reputed driver.

  • Price Review: Taking a note of your skills, you will be able to get a price review for the insurances that you need to buy. The insurance depends on the possibility to meet with accidents and the vulnerability that the car may be facing. With the right reviews and estimations, you will be able to invest in the insurance policies wisely. You will also be able to save a lot of money if you are a skilled drive, as the reports will deliver the results in your favour.
  • Discounts: When you renew the settings at the end of the year, you will be able to get a discount on the total process of the device for the next year.

All these services will make you a better driver and help you to make a lot of savings. Call the Ingenie phone number to get in touch with Ingenie

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