Driving Long Distances with a Telemetry Box

If you’re driving from one part of the UK to another or over a long distance you might want to consider the implications of a telemetry box on the driving that you do. For instance we recently drove from Cornwall to Dover which is around a 5 hour drive. We looked at some cheap hotels in Dover and found one for our stay overnight. Then went on the ferry across to France. But when you do make such long journeys there are several things you need to consider. The first is that you absolutely need to stop somewhere overnight, especially if you are driving for an extended period of time and you get tired. In our case we set off early afternoon and arrived in Dover by 6pm. Knowing that there were restrictions on our black box about driving in the evening, and that long driving made us irritable we decided it would make sense to stay overnight. This sort of planning is essential to keep your points down and ensure a good discount with whoever you go with for the Telemetry black box system. We use Ingenie of course. Who we think are the best.

Dover was lovely and worth the visit overnight, but we found staying over ensured we didn’t get tempted to speed or start to make mistakes after long driving times. So when you plan a holiday and travel be sure to do similar by booking in overnight.


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